Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Hope is a free crowdfunding platform that empowers people to help others overcome hardships and enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Hope was launched in June 2017 by husband & wife Brian and Clare Leahy with the help of their son Daniel in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Brian & Clare run a highly successful transatlantic retail company together they are passionate about leveraging today’s technology to help those in need.

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Volunteers are essential to the work charitable organisations do.
Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. We have part
time (approx. 5-10 hours a week) and full time volunteers in Hope.


What Our Kind Friends Are Saying

You do a wonderful job with those charities that need you so much, and for people in need all over the globe. I will definitely join you as a volunteer!

Hilary Weston

It's always a pleasure to work with these guys - they know what they want and that is why they achieve their goals. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!

Mike Lynch

I really love what Hope Ireland is about to do, there’s an absolute alignment of values with our little charity and what they’re looking to achieve. If you donate €10 we receive the whole amount. That is very important for our supporters.

Liam Casey

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